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Omnichannel Solutions & Retailing: How Omnichannel Platforms Ease Your Supply Chain


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmOGCMcMmy0 Omnichannel ecommerce platforms enable management of inventory and orders of both offline and online stores. The platforms help retailers in the routing of online orders to the nearest brick-and-mortar store, providing a seamless shopping experience.Omnichannel solutions can positively impact your retail business. In this article, we will discuss how omnichannel platforms can ease your supply chain and help you grow your business. What is Omnichannel: Difference Between Multichannel and Omnichannel Omnichannel retail means using multiple sales channels to offer customers uniform shopping experience.According to Wikipedia - Omnichannel commerce is a cross-channel business model that companies use to simplify their experience.Financial [...]

Omnichannel Solutions & Retailing: How Omnichannel Platforms Ease Your Supply Chain2019-06-11T14:43:30+00:00

Green Web Hosting: The Future in Today’s World


Over the past few years, the calls for environmental conservation have been on the rise. Therefore, the launching of Green Web hosting in some parts of the world come at a time when people are ready for the much-anticipated change. So, is Green Web Hosting the Future of the web? Count on it; To reduce the rate of energy consumption by half Since servers are expected to work around the clock, the rate of energy consumption is way above the recommended rates. This means that if things have to continue this way, then the world will have to resort to more [...]

Green Web Hosting: The Future in Today’s World2018-02-21T01:15:01+00:00

Grab Your Desired Expiring Domain


A successful online business is based on excellent web hosting, coupled with a catchy, easy to remember and searchable Domain name. Hosting is also referred to as ‘Web Hosting’ or simply ‘Website Hosting.’ It is the act of housing and retaining files for either one or more websites. In a lay man’s language, this can be explained as renting space on a computer, to house your website.  The computer that hosts your website stores files and assigns a DNS for them so that anyone searching your website finds it by typing your Domain name. A good Domain Name is a drive [...]

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Getting Hold of Expiring Domains


Usually when Domain names expire the registrars (People under whom the Domain name is registered under)give a grace period to the registrant and this varies from domain name registrations and different registrars. A .us domain name might have a more extended grace period than a .in domain name. Thus, registering an expiring domain is a nifty task. The registrant gets a lot of time to buy back their domain. First the grace period then after the grace period most registrars offer a redemption period where the original registrant can repurchase the domain by paying the redemption fee along with the cost [...]

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