Expiring Domains

Usually when Domain names expire the registrars (People under whom the Domain name is registered under)give a grace period to the registrant and this varies from domain name registrations and different registrars. A .us domain name might have a more extended grace period than a .in domain name. Thus, registering an expiring domain is a nifty task. The registrant gets a lot of time to buy back their domain. First the grace period then after the grace period most registrars offer a redemption period where the original registrant can repurchase the domain by paying the redemption fee along with the cost of renewing the domain name.

Auctioned domain name

 If the registrants do not repurchase the domain within both of these periods, then it is sent over to be auctioned. When the domain is released for public auction, you can buy it back by placing a bid on it. Once it is available for sale, you should search the databases regularly to check for the domain name as they are up for auction for a brief period only. To ensure that you do not miss out on buying the domain, regularly check the databases to see if the domain has come up for auction. If it is not purchased even in the auction, then it goes back to its registry, who then decides when it needs to be auctioned again.

Backorder the domain names

 You can also back-order the domain names which are about to expire, and if they expire, then you are placed on a list and can buy back the domain based on where you stand on the list. This facility is not offered by all sites but is most efficient compared to other methods.

Hire drop catchers

 Another method for registering expiring domains is by hiring drop catchers. They send a barrage of requests for the required domain and charge between $10-100 depending on the specific request. How to register an expiring domain can be a mind-boggling affair and needs quick action to catch the domain when it is on the market. The above methods mentioned are the best ways to do so, but if you have time on your hand and are ready to scour the web for such opportunities then doing all the tasks manually might be for you. You could also become a drop catcher yourself and make a quick buck while getting your job done too. Having a domain to your name which might be required by big companies in the future is a business in itself as people pay big bucks to get domains which are necessary for their personal use or is the name of their company.