Desired  Domain

A successful online business is based on excellent web hosting, coupled with a catchy, easy to remember and searchable Domain name. Hosting is also referred to as ‘Web Hosting’ or simply ‘Website Hosting.’ It is the act of housing and retaining files for either one or more websites. In a lay man’s language, this can be explained as renting space on a computer, to house your website.  The computer that hosts your website stores files and assigns a DNS for them so that anyone searching your website finds it by typing your Domain name. A good Domain Name is a drive to popularizing your online business. So you want to register a Domain Name that is owned by someone else? Well, there is a way to achieve your goal, and yes, get that Domain name that you have always desired. What you need is to wait until that particular Domain Name is due to expire, say in the next few days. At this time, you need to place a backorder for that specific Domain Name. This can be done through GoDaddy.